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2017-05-26 17:34  


图为TWU校长Jonathan S. Raymond和加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省省长Christy Clark

President Jonathan S. Raymond is with Premier Christy Clark in China to participate in the Premier's trade mission (photo: Rachel Pick).

TWU代表团,包括校长Jonathan S. Raymond博士、助理教务长及国际联络官Philip Laird博士和副教务长Kevin Sawatsky,博士,作为不列颠哥伦比亚州政府访问中国代表团成员,现正在中国。

访问团由不列颠哥伦比亚省省长Christy Clark带领。由300位来自商业、工业、高等学校方面的领袖组成的团队参加代表团,进行为期两周对中国和印度的访问并作短期停顿。

TWU校长Jonathan S. Raymond表示:“我很高兴省长亲自邀请我,并且我可以带领TWU的同事一起,跟随州长参加这个重要的访问团。对不列颠哥伦比亚省,这是非常重要的一步。我们欣赏省长对不列颠哥伦比亚省的大学的前瞻思考。”

TWU代表团随访问团到访上海和北京,并同天津市教委国际教育部(Tianjin Education Association for International Education ,TEAIE)和河北大学分别各签署了一份协议。同天津市教委国际教育部的协议内容包括:邀请交流的老师参加了TWU的课程,参观了当地中小学校,听教育和管理方面的讲座。尽管合作关系已经很好发展了十年,但是新的协议增加交流教师数量,由每年12至15名增加到每年24至30名。TWU同河北大学签署的协议有意要增加两所高校间文化交流、教师和学生交换的机会。这也为未来合作项目的发展建立平台。

TWU校长Jonathan S. Raymond和其他TWU代表将在参加访问团后签署另外两份协议。一份是与哈尔滨工业大学,另一份是天津财经大学,旨在提供中国和加拿大的学生文化交流的机会。

在此次旅程中,TWU校长Jonathan S. Raymond将与TWU学生家长和来自不同领域的500名毕业生会面。这些见面活动会给校长先生与学生家长和毕业生交流的机会。

TWU delegation joins BC Premier in China trade mission

A delegation from Trinity Western University, including President Jonathan S. Raymond, Associate Provost and International Liaison Officer Phil Laird, and Vice Provost Kevin Sawatsky, are currently in China as part of a Government of BC mission to China.

The mission is led by Premier Christy Clark. A group of 300 business, industry, and higher education leaders are participating in the mission, which covers close to 2 weeks and involves a number of stops in both China and India.

“I am pleased that the Premier personally invited me to travel with her on this important mission for BC and to bring TWU colleagues with me,” said Raymond, “This is a significant step forward for British Columbia and we appreciate the Premier's forward thinking initiative on behalf of all universities in BC.”

The delegates from TWU are participating in the mission’s visits to Shanghai and Beijing, where they will sign two agreements—one with the Tianjin Education Association for International Education (TEAIE) and the other with Hebei University. The agreement with the TEAIE involves bringing K-12 teachers to TWU to attend university classes, participate in tours of local Elementary and High Schools, and receive lectures on pedagogy and administration in the Canadian education context. Although the relationship has been in place for 10 years, the new agreement will increase the program's capacity from approximately 12-15 teachers per year to 24-30 teachers per year. Trinity Western’s agreement with Hebei University is meant to open up cultural, faculty, and student exchange opportunities for both institutions. It also sets the stage for the development of joint programs in the future.

President Raymond and the other TWU delegates will sign two additional agreements after taking part in the mission. These agreements—one with Harbin Institute of Technology, and the other with Tianjin University of Finance and Economics—support opportunities for cultural exchange for students in both Canada and China.

President Raymond will also take some time during the trip to meet with parents of TWU students, and some of the 500 alumni from the region. These meetings will provide an opportunity for the President to hear from the parents of our Chinese students and engage with TWU alumni in China.


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