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2017-05-26 17:34  


图为TWU学生Benjamin Birkenstock领取普通话比赛第二名的证书

Benjamin Birkenstock accepts his award for second-place in Mandarin speech competition.

大学二年级学生Benjamin Birkenstock 和 Deborah Kim击败了来自9所不列颠哥伦比亚省的大学的60名学生,分别赢得了省级普通话比赛第二、三名的成绩。

现代语言部的普通话教授Na Wu博士表示:“看到这些学生取得这么大的成绩实在令人鼓舞,我很欣赏他们的努力工作和出色表现。”





TWU students place second and third in province-wide Mandarin speech competition

Competing against 60 students from nine BC universities, second-year students Benjamin Birkenstock and Deborah Kim won second and third place in a province-wide Mandarin speech competition.

“It’s really encouraging to see the great achievement of these students,” said Na Wu, Ph.D., Mandarin Professor in the Department of Modern Languages. “I really appreciate their hard work and excellent performance.”

Birkenstock, Intercultural Religious Studies major, and Kim, Applied Linguistics major, showcased their accurate pronunciation, natural intonation, proper grammar and syntax, and excellent wording. Birkenstock left his audience laughing with a humorous and powerful speech on bridging Chinese and western cultures while Kim gave a heartwarming speech on her dream of helping orphans.

The Chinese Bridge speech contest, held annually in Vancouver since 2002, is a large-scale international competition organized by Hanban—a public institution affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education. This annual event has attracted and sponsored nearly one thousand college and university students from over 100 countries to participate in its semi-finals and finals in China. The BC speech contest held on March 17, 2012, was one of Canada’s preliminary rounds.

The students were rewarded with $150 for second place and $100 for third place. This is the first time that TWU’s Chinese language students have participated the event.

The Department of Modern Languages at TWU provides students opportunities to learn a variety of languages. Students can choose from a major in Modern Languages; minors and concentrations in Spanish, French language and literature, and French language; and courses in German, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.


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