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2017-05-26 17:34  



Twenty-eight students from six different countries earned their MA Lead degrees in China on November 9.


来自英语组和普通话组,总计28名学生被授予商业领导力硕士学位。毕业班的学生来自6个不同国家,包括:美国、英格兰、澳大利亚、荷兰、加拿大和中国。2013级毕业生Weiping Zhang说:“对于我来说,参加商业领导力硕士学位项目是一个学习、修正、增强信念的过程。”

商业领导力硕士学位中国项目2011年开始,专门对中国地区开展不通话项目。通过与国际领导力发展组织(Leadership Development International ,LDI)进行战略合作,该项目才得以实现。副教务长Philip Laird博士表示:“因其战略方向一致,TWU持续在全世界扩大它的项目范围。这个项目是我们不断投入国际教育的许多例子中的一个。”今年秋天,商业领导力硕士学位中国项目开始第5批23名学生——目前人数最多的一批。


课代表Nicole Birkeland已经获得了跨学科人文硕士学位,她谈到研究历史的发生发展可以导致社会变革。在研究过程中,Birkeland探索公共教育系统在加拿大土著群体和主流群体上以及两个群体持续不断的误会上的表现。


辅导心理学硕士项目庆祝其第20个毕业班毕业,举办了今年的典礼。毕业于该项目的Jessie Marie Wall,因其平均成绩最高被授予总督金质奖章(The Governor General Gold Medal),Jessie Marie Wall现已被不列颠哥伦比亚大学博士项目录取。


TWU hosts graduation reception in Suzhou, China

In conjunction with the commencement ceremonies for the School of Graduate Studies, Trinity Western University’s Master of Arts in Leadership China program held a special reception on November 9 in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China, to honour the first-ever graduating class of the program.

In all, 28 students from two cohorts, one delivered in English and the other in Mandarin, earned their Master of Arts in Leadership degrees. Six different countries—including the United States, England, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, and China—were represented by the graduating class. “Taking the MA in Leadership program has been a journey of learning, healing, and faith-strengthening for me,” said 2013 graduate Weiping Zhang.

Launched in 2011, the MA Leadership China program is a Mandarin language graduate program with a focus on China. The program is made possible through a strategic partnership with Leadership Development International (LDi). “Consistent with our Strategic Directions, TWU continues to expand its presence around the world,” said Associate Provost Philip Laird, Ph.D. “This program is one of many examples of our growing investment in global education.” This fall, the Master of Arts in Leadership China program launched its fifth cohort of 23 students—the largest to date.

Prior to the China reception, the University held its annual School of Graduate Studies Commencement ceremony in Abbotsford, BC, during which 110 students received their diplomas.

Class Representative Nicole Birkeland, who earned her Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Humanities degree, spoke on how the study of history could be practiced to bring about social change. Through her studies, Birkeland explored the ways in which the public education system represented Aboriginal and mainstream Canadian relations, and the ongoing misunderstandings between the two groups.

“Meeting the demands of the program left me with the belief that although the problems facing our society—and nation—are large, there is hope,” she said. “While we may not fix everything, we can have hope and faith in the possibility of positive transformation through recognition of others.”

This year’s ceremony saw the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology program celebrate its 20thgraduating class. The Governor General Gold Medal for the highest GPA was awarded to Jessie Marie Wall, who graduated from that program and has been accepted into a doctoral program at the University of British Columbia.

In all, 151 graduates, including those from the Master of Arts in Leadership China program, earned their degrees.


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