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2017-05-26 15:15  



2014年天津市高考英语考试阅读A篇A Guide to the University从就餐、娱乐、就医、学习、交通等五个介绍加拿大西三一大学(TWU)。

Trinity Western University(TWU)appears in the English test paper of the China college entrance examination in 2014

The Great Wall international MBA program with advanced education idea and excellent teaching quality has attracted more and more people and its popularity has increased year by year.

The first article of reading comprehension in the English test paper, named A Guide to the University, introduces the useful information on TWU from fives aspects , such as food, relaxation, health, academic support and transportation.

The original test is as follows.


2014 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(天津卷)

第二部分: 阅读理解(共20小题, 每小题2.5分, 满分50分)


A Guide to the University


The TWU Cafeteria is open 7am to 8pm. It serves snacks(), drinks, ice cream bars and meals. You can pay with cash or your ID cards. You can add meal money to your ID cards at the Front Desk. Even if you do not buy your food in the cafeteria, you can use the tables to eat your lunch, to have meetings and to study.

If you are on campus in the evening or lat at night, you can buy snacks, fast food, and drinks in the Lower Café located in the bottom level of the Gouglas Centre. This area is often used for entertainment such as concerts, games or TV watching.


The Globe, located in the bottom level of McMillan Hall, is available for relaxing, studying , cooking, and eating. Monthly activities are held here for all international students. Hours are 10 am to 10 pm, closed on Sundays.


Located on the top floor of Douglas Hall, the Wellness Centre is committed to physical, emotional and social health. A doctor and nurse is available if you have health questions or need immediate medical help or personal advice. The cost of this is included in your medical insurance. Hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to noon and 1;00 to 4;30pm.

Academic Support

All students have access to the Writing Centre on the upper floor of Douglas Hall. Here, qualified volunteers will work with you on written work, grammar, vocabulary, and other academic skills. You can sign up for an appointment on the sign-up sheet outside the door two 30 –minute appointments per week maximum. This service is free.


The TWU Express is a shuttle() service. The shuttle transports students between campus and the shopping centre, leaving from the Mattson Centre. Operation hours are between 8am and 3pm. Saturdays only. Round trip fare is $1.

36. What can you do in the TWU Cafeteria?

A. Do homework and watch TV

B. Buy drinks and enjoy concerts

C. have meals and meet with friends

D. Add money to your ID and play chess

37. Where and when can you cook your own food?

A. The Globe, Friday

B. The Lower Café, Sunday

C. The TWU Cafeteria , Friday

D. The McMillan Hall , Sunday.

38. The Guide tells us that the Wellness Centre  _________.

A. is open six days a week

B. offers services free of charge

C. trains students in medical care

D. gives advice on mental health

39. How can you seek help from the Writing Centre?

A. By applying online

B. By calling the centre

C. By filling in a sign-up form

D. By going to the centre directly

40. What is the function of TWU Express?

A. To carry students to the lecture halls.

B. To provide students with campus tours

C. To take students to the Mattson Centre.

D. To transport students to and from the stores.


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