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加拿大西三一大学(TWU)Nate Kielstra老师教授Business English课程
2017-05-26 15:15  

加拿大西三一大学Nate Kielstra老师来天津财经大学(TUFE)为GW8期学生教授Business English课程。


Nate Kielstra老师学术造诣深厚,教学经验丰富,深受学生喜爱。

Nate Kielstra came to TUFE to teach Business English

Nate Kielstra came to TUFE to teach Business English for GW8.

This course is designed to provide essential professional English language for successful study of business at the master’s level. Attention will be given to understanding the genres and patterns of readings and assignments as well as appropriate vocabulary, grammar, and format and APA style. Through this course, students will read and analyze academic articles and chapters to prepare for further study as well to understand the genres of written assignments required in future business courses and master correct formatting.

Nate Kielstra has profound academic attainments and rich teaching experience and he is loved by his students.


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