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加拿大西三一大学(TWU)Murray MacTavish博士教授Leadership and Ethic课程
2017-05-26 15:15  

加拿大西三一大学Murray MacTavish博士来天津财经大学(TUFE)为GW8期学生教授Leadership and Ethic课程。


Murray MacTavish博士学术造诣深厚,教学经验丰富,深受学生喜爱。

Dr.Murray MacTavish came to TUFE to teach Leadership and Ethic

Dr.Murray MacTavish came to TUFE to teach Leadership and Ethic for GW8.

This course is designed to provide essential professional leadership and high quality ethic for successful study of business at the master’s level. This course discusses topic of team, leadership, ethic and relevant issues in business and administration education. To prepare the students for fulfilling the requirements of information on business and administration, training and equipping with the basic knowledge plus fundamental skills of team and leadership are also crucial task to the partners, especially for students who are studying business and administration at universities. Those aspects, both knowledge and emotion, build the foundation for the future business and administration with high quality ethic and professional capabilities.

Dr.Murray MacTavish has profound academic attainments and rich teaching experience and he is loved by his students.


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