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天津财经大学(TUFE)韦琳博士教授Managerial Accounting课程
2017-05-26 15:15  

加天津财经大学(TUFE)韦琳博士为GW8学生教授Managerial Accounting课程,Managerial Accounting(管理会计)这门课程意在让学生们理解企业经营情况的内部分析报告,包括对关键财务信息和提高整体性能的工具的理解。管理会计在当今组织结构中起着至关重要的决策作用。课程主要包括成本的概念和应用,成本、数量、利润的关系,产品成本,预算,和标准成本。



Dr. Wei Lin taught Managerial Accounting for GW8

Managerial Accounting provides students with an understanding of internal reporting of operating results, including the tools they need to interpret key financial information and improve overall performance. Management accounting plays a vital decision making role in today’s lean organization. Topics include cost concepts and applications, cost-volume-profit relationships, product costing, budgeting, and standard costing.

The course aims to make students to understand the differences between management and financial accounting. Students should be taught to realize the importance of ethical issues in management accounting. In addition, students need to understand how to evaluate a cost system and the allocations of costs and possible distortions of costs, as well as how to evaluate the capacity of resources and the cost of unused capacity.

Dr. Wei Lin has profound academic attainments and rich teaching experience and she is loved by her students.


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