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加拿大西三一大学(TWU)Murray MacTavish博士教授Managing a Global Organization课程
2017-05-26 15:15  

加拿大西三一大学Murray MacTavish博士来天津财经大学(TUFE)为GW8期学生教授Managing a Global Organization课程。



Murray MacTavish博士学术造诣深厚,教学经验丰富,深受学生喜爱。

Dr.Murray MacTavish came to TUFE to teach Managing a Global Organization

Dr.Murray MacTavish came to TUFE to teach Managing a Global Organization for GW8.

The world is comprised of many cultural, political, economic, and technological environments. Managing a global organization requires a complex array of skills and insights to navigate such a diverse landscape. This course explores these contextual realities through a comparison of management practices across the globe, including cultural similarities and differences in management and communication styles. Students develop insight into the importance of cultural intelligence through numerous opportunities to explore dimensions of culture. Developing diverse teams in different cultural settings is also examined.

Using the seminar format, the course begins with an examination of the global environment in which business is conducted, including issues of corporate social responsibility. Readings, videos, case studies, class presentations and discussions, and exposure to cultural experiences help students explore more deeply their own perspectives of culture, broaden their cultural knowledge, and enhance their cross-cultural skills. Real-world international cases provide a forum for group discussion about the challenges of successfully leading an organization which conducts business internationally.

Dr.Murray MacTavish has profound academic attainments and rich teaching experience and he is loved by his students.


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