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加拿大西三一大学(TWU)Kevin Sawatsky教授Business Law课程
2017-05-26 15:15  

加拿大西三一大学(TWU)Kevin Sawatsky教授Business Law课程,Business Law(国际商法)这门课程意在让学生们掌握基本的国际商法规章制度,训练学生的法律综合能力,为进一步学习商务实践技能打下牢固的基础。


Dr. Sawatsky taught Business Law for GW8

Professor Kevin Sawatsky fromTrinity Western University (TWU) taught Business Law(International Commercial Law) for GW8 students. This course is intended to allow students to master basic international commercial law and regulations, training student’s ability to learn the law, for further learning business skills to lay a solid foundation.

Dr. Sawatsky has profound academic attainments and rich teaching experience and he is loved by his students.


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