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Managerial Finance学习摘要
2017-05-26 15:31  

课程名称:Managerial Finance

授课时间:May.16,17,18,23,24,25, 2014

授课教师:Dr. Ryan Halley


The Review of Financial Intelligence

Helen Shen

For most non-financial staff inside the company, the financial sector is a department make a lot of people feel unfamiliar with. While everyone dealing with this sector, but few people know what their colleagues in the financial sector are doing every day, but do not know they took those data to indicate what each of our work was going to help? No one ever knew, even for most managers who also lack of the financial sector working experience, the financial sector is a mysterious department for them.

In many people's eyes, the financial data are "the real deal" and can not be questioned and questionable. After reading the "financial intelligence" ,it help me to break this myth, which does not mean that financial data can be arbitrarily altered, but that if we can have more exchanges financial officers to help finance personnel to deal with the actual situation in the enterprises. Also helps them feel more understanding about the finance problem, then we will get more suitable to make the use of the actual situation by calculating the financial data.

(1)Finance is not only a science but also an art, which contains a large number of estimates and assumptions, exact numbers separated from assumptions to estimates, clear figures reflect the true financial situation of an enterprise's development and future prospects for development. The so-called art is susceptible to those tricky places, such as depreciation and amortization expense of assets, accounts receivable and intangible assets; so-called scientific nature is to look at a variety of key indicators as well as the cash flow statement, but I think there must be established targeted analysis in a familiar business premise. Proper using of financial knowledge is important to the development of enterprises to seek illegal operation will only bring temporary management "grand", then surely be punished by law. Finance and accounting are an art as well as a science. The two disciplines must try to quantify what can’t always be quantified, and so must rely on rules, estimates, and assumptions. Financially intelligent managers are able to identify where the artful aspects of finance have been applied to the numbers, and they know how applying them differently might lead to different conclusions. They thus are prepared, when appropriate, to question and challenge the numbers.

(2)After reading the book, I know the basic principles of the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and other financial statements, by understanding its principles can be a good company to resolve a company's financial statements

(3)For the financial analysis part, I learned how to calculate financial ratios, return on investment and working capital, the use of analytical methods can provide information for corporate decision-making throughout the company. help the company's operations in order to make better decisions

(4)  From summarize the knowledge from the book, I understand the difference between cash and cash profits and why the board of directors and Wall Street suddenly become concerned about the "hot" numbers. Profits can be in any form, materials and commodities such as inventory, accounts receivable, etc. The profit (or net income) is the difference between total revenue and total expenditure between efficiency measure for the operation of the company. Cash is a kind of money businesses can access at any time. What is more, cash flow is an important indicator to inflect if the financial situation is healthy, and it is a measure of calculating profitability and an important indicator of the owner's equity. When the company's profits is negative and cash flow is positive, at least for a period of time there is still hope for survival. If the cash is concerned about shortage, companies can easily mess, payment cannot be honored, it is unable to pay suppliers for goods and taxes. In short-term, the company will lack of cash and perish.

(5)I also understand the financial literacy and financial transparency is a kind of great significance to enhance corporate performance. To establish the overall concept is necessary, and it is must be combined financial results of enterprises to understand their business environment. Each employee can well understanding the hard work to pursue financial goals, you can make the corresponding to work with, naturally improves the performance of the company, while financial transparency can improve employees’ loyalty. In short-term, non-professionals learn to understand a little financial knowledge and understand financial statements, and also they will help to condense consensus, enhance performance and management.

If you do not stick to the inside of the content , I think the idea of dealing with financial problems or that it is the spirit of the individual career thoughts of great help . The book has plenty of good words and knowledge can be applied to many disciplines ." Finance is not only a science but also an art , you cannot always believe the numbers, financial wisdom lies not only books, but also in the operation ." Remark makes sense, but it should be clear that we are all living reality in the workplace to make those kind of financial figures wrapped tightly . Therefore, the correct and rational understanding of the meaning which behind these numbers , is a basic quality for the white-collar to use in the workplace. Indeed, if people involved in finance will feel finance is like a science , the number in the finance report maybe boring , but the attitude and calculation method for us to use towards those numbers may like an art. Try to learn and deal with them will get a lot of fun . at least , when you feel familiar with a company's financial operation , it could be a good assessment of a company 's business. And it is a good way for the future of a company which will bring the company with a great help. A business’s financial results must always be understood in context—that is, within the framework of the big picture. Factors such as the economy, the competitive environment, regulations, changing customer needs and expectations, and new technologies all affect how numbers are interpreted and what decisions should be made. So this book helps me to support the development of my financial intelligence. I hope it will enable me to achieve greater success, both personally and professionally. I’ll be just a bit more motivated, a bit more interested, and a bit more excited to understand a whole new aspect of business.


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