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GS21-2 10月《国际金融与全球资本市场》课程纪实 长城国际工商管理硕士项目(IMBA)
2022-12-08 10:51  


此次课程纪实由Grace Liu带来,她供职于Edwards  STC China,担任HRM。《国际金融与全球资本市场》课程帮助她对国际资本市场有了更好的了解,同时教授的案例分析让她理解了资本市场所面临的挑战和限制。





研究方向:区域经济与产业经济,论文Nonstationary response of a nonlinear economic cycle model under random disturbance(非线性周期模型在随机干扰下的非平稳响应)发表于期刊Physica A- statistical mechanics and its applications。


Grace Liu

Liu Yan, Grace  Liu

Company: Edwards  STC China

Postion: China HRM

Working experience: I have been engaged in Human Resources in the manufacturing industry of foreign companies after graduation from university. I have successively worked in Chinese factories of global top 500 auto parts manufacturing, Chinese factories of German machinery industry, and Chinese factories of Norwegian special machinery. Now I am working in a subsidiary of Atlas Copco Group, managing four factories in China. During non working hours, I like traveling, hiking and mountain climbing.

International Finance and Global Capital Markets

This lesson focuses on teaching a critical management perspective on key financial issues facing companies operating in a global environment. Through the understanding of financial markets, systems and institutions including equity, debt, foreign exchange and credit instruments, as well as major derivatives. Topics are: Money Markets, Foreign Exchange, Bond Markets, Cash Equity Markets, Equity Valuation Techniques, Swaps, forwards, Futures, credit Derivatives, Options, Option Risk Management and Convertible Bonds.

By completing this course, we have a better understanding of the international capital market. And we know the key components of debt, equity, credit, bonds, stocks and foreign exchange markets.At the same time, the professor showed us some cases to understand and explain the challenges and restrictions faced by the capital market.

In class, the professor led us to play several games, These include crossword puzzles, capital gains and losses, and investment bidding simulation games. Let's experience the mystery and fun in the game.


This is the last course in 2022. Time is fast. A year has passed. Since I took this MBA course, I have learned a lot of knowledge. From the initial confusion and incomprehension,I gradually become more and more fond of these subjects and reflect on the contents of these studies. In 2023, I hope all classmates can learn more and graduate successfully.




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